Louis Vuitton World Wide Lighting Design

Louis Vuitton, the ultimate luxury brand, has around 470 boutiques world wide. They all have a consistent, energy saving, hi-design lighting scheme that puts the merchandise literally in the spotlight. The design was tested using full scale mock ups and is documented store-by-store to accommodate for differences in architecture. With no dedicated ambient lighting the concept breaks with traditional retail lighting. The IALD has seen that too, and awarded the Louis Vuitton lighting design with an International Lighting Design Award of Excellence. Done at Arup.

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Project Credits

  • Client: Louis Vuitton Malletier, Paris, France
  • Architect: Peter Marino, New York City
  • Interior: Louis Vuitton Architecture Studio
  • Arup Lighting, Amsterdam
  • Philips 20W CDM-TC
  • Trato custom designed luminaire
  • Yamagiwa custome designed luminaire
  • LED showcase lighting
  • Custom designed shelf lighting