Thin as Air

I always wanted to float thousands of bubbles of light in a big space… Such a poetic and dreamy gesture!
The idea turned out to be ideal for the global headquarters or Royal Philips: it’s about light, but it’s also about perception and being stimulating and meaningful. Philips now shines, when seen from the square at night, but it never intrusive because the glow is subtle, soft, and “floating”. Thanks Brad Koerner and thanks Hollandse Nieuwe for the technical design, the engineering and the sourcing of the project… the whole team did a fantastic job!

Project Credits

  • Client: Royal Philips, Amsterdam
  • Architect: Hollandse Nieuwe, Amsterdam
  • Hollandse Nieuwe (Hans Reineke et al)
  • Philips Design (Brad Koerner)
  • White dimmable LED pixels
  • Translucent plastic spheres
  • Custom control system