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Design for a Changing World

Designers form an incredible driving force to create a better and more sustainable world.

Lighting Design for Janet Echelman at The Peninsula, Hong Kong

Art and Light

Art is there to be enjoyed, so light is art’s best friend. Who sees the artwork without light? But sometimes, Art and light form something more than the sum of the two… Janet Echelman makes magical, ephemeral sculptures out of thread that defy gravity and seem to float in endless movement over their spectators… Rogier’s light brings Janet’s sculptures to life and adds a new layer of color and imagination. The majestic Hotel The Peninsula in Hong Kong gave Rogier […]


Designing for Love

Public transport…. You may love it or hate it. You may consider it a responsible choice or perhaps something “not for my type of people”. Well, however you feel about it, public transport keeps our cities going and it helps billions of us to get to work, to see our friends and families and to get our errands done every day. A delightful experience But how do you get all the others out of their cars and into the metro? […]