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Lighting for Seoul Sky Garden is completed

Yesterday the Mayor of Seoul opened the Skygarden. This is a botanical garden that is elevated above the city. We did the lighting design. Ah… I hear you thinking “much like the High Line in New York City”. Well, not at all. This 1 kilometer long walk transforms a formerly abandoned highway into a living catalog […]

Austria kicking off the International Year of Light

Very proud of our kick off in Austria, with Zumtobel, Thorn and Tridonic. An amazing crowd of people from all over the world… I welcomed old friends such as Charles Stone and and Esther Torello, and made a deep bow to heroes such as Olafur Eliasson and Paul Marantz. See for yourself this 4-minute video… […]

Missed the Light Festival…

With this video get a flavor of the last edition that closed January 2015. Hope to see you in December in Amsterdam!  

Why #thedress is not what you see

I’m a professional lighting designer; I have worked with light and the perception of color for over over 25 years. Here is – explained in a clear way – why #thedress sometimes seems to be white and gold even though it is black and blue. This does not happen when we take the photo. It […]

Zumtobel opens Lichtforum in Amsterdam

As the new year begins, we at Zumtobel Group create a strong presence in one of the leading European centres of architecture and technology: before January is out, the company, which is based in Austria, is to open a new “Lichtforum” in the heart of Amsterdam. The new studio will act as an open house, […]

Welcome to the Rijksmuseum!

A magnificent film… it’s just 1:30 minute but it tells it all. Bravo!

Royal Philips seeks

Royal Philips seeks “new ownership” for Philips Lighting

Today, at their Capital Markets Day presentation in London, Royal Philips announces that it will “consider various options for alternative ownership structures” for Philips Lighting. The 123 years old lighting company is the world leader in terms of volume (mostly lamps) and I was during a good four years its chief design officer. The leadership […]

Richard MacCormac died

Richard MacCormac died

Richard’s funeral was earlier this month… So very sad. He died shortly after his wife Jocasta; both fought the cancer but could not win. Richard was 75. I can’t express how thankful I am to Richard. When we met for the first time, I ran a small lighting design practice in Amsterdam. It was 1997, […]

Philips Slimstyle shifts the bulb paradigm

Philips Slimstyle shifts the bulb paradigm

For over 100 years, the light bulb didn’t evolve much. Thomas Edison designed the bulb shape in 1879 and it never really changed. Now, a bulb will never be the same anymore. From my design studio at Philips, we launch the SlimStyle. See here what Mashable thinks about the Slimstyle. Thanks to my product designers […]

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Christmas tradition in Amsterdam Jordaan

An old tradition in my neighborhood: the people around Hazenstraat dress like angels (though I think they’re monks or the likes) and walk to the huge christmas tree at Elandsgracht, just around the corner. This is an old Christmas tradition in Amsterdam Jordaan. The days before, they collected wishes from all in the neighborhood, written […]