Ekaterinburg Innoprom 2013

Ekaterinburg Innoprom 2013

The Innoprom Forum in Ekaterinburg was fascinating, unexpected, optimistic and really about Design and Business. And that was the most impressive: that in a country where economy grows fast anyways, Design is seriously seen as a contribution to value, and growth. So seriously, that Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev decided it was worth to join…

I met with him for about 15 minutes and we discussed Smart Cities. Asking him if Russia see opportunities to make cities into real attractors of talent and therefore create long term growth, Mr. Medvedev said he agrees that is very important, and that Russia can do more than they currently do. Our Livable Cities task force can help, he said. Mr. Medvedev also mentioned the examples that Moscow and St. Petersburg already are developing.

A Smart City is not a city driven by technology… Too many times the concept is seen as something that you realise by giving free WiFi to all and by putting fiberglass in the ground. However as a designer, my view is that Cities get only smart when smart people decide to live there. A thin, enabling layer of technology: great. A city ruled by tech and Big Data: no thanks. There are more inspiring places to live and meet others!

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