Holland Casino, Rotterdam

Holland Casino recognised the emergence of a new kind of casino: an integrated entertainment venue offering gambling, music, dancing, food and drink within a stylish and contemporary atmosphere. The state owned casino approached me during my time at Arup and asked to re-conceptualise the Holland Casino Rotterdam in collaboration with architects iCrave. The new venue opened November 2009.

The solution is a flow of space and light that feels more like a nightclub than a typical casino, featuring several areas with no gaming machines at all. The main spaces are defined by lighting features which give each area a unique atmosphere. The walls of the existing casino have been clad in glossy, reflective black panels, tilted to reflect the lighting design and give a feeling of infinite space.

An open screen-wall of curving wooden beams marks the restaurant area. Highlighting the beams from top and bottom sculpts light around them creating a sense of enclosure for patrons.

Working to a strict budget and power consumption requirements, the lighting scheme plays an important role in defining the space and creating atmosphere. Also, by creating separate lighting systems for work and casino lighting, perfect light levels can be achieved for each space. This allows the use of efficient, long-lasting sources for work lighting and crisp halogen light sources for casino lighting.