Mumbai, India

The International Lighting Summit in Mubai is organized by The Economic Times. Running in parallel with ACETech (the construction tradefair), the Summit had a hall full of attendees: contractors, designers, architects of course… But also students, engineers, and lighting designers.

Such a day full of famous, “highly esteemed personalities” had to start in accordance with traditions and ceremony, of course. That’s why we all together lit a huge candle, preceded by traditional Indian singing and blessings of the Almighty.

What was the Summit about? Sustainability, of course… But also daylight, collaboration, the poetry of light and the history of it. In brief: a broad overview of lighting related topics, brought to you by some of the famous figure heads: Nancy Clanton, Andre Tammes, Andreas Schulz… They were all in India.

And actually, it was pretty good. Andreas, your photographs are amazing. Andre, only you can give us such a comprehensive look! Nancy… Well Nancy is always great. A phonomenal educator and a great story about daylight. I’ll challenge her on heat gain one day, because I believe that even at 60° latitude, heatgain by daylight can be more than the energy it saves… We’ll see.

The entertainment after the official part of the summit… Wow, that would be unimaginable at Lightfair! The Americans among us were embarrassed, and found the female dancers “politically incorrect”; the Indians greatly enjoyed, though, the Brits had already enough beer, the Germans looked around stoic, the Dutch were loud and the Russians… Well the Russians were dancing. On stage that is. Judge for yourself!