Until August 2014, Rogier was Chief Design Officer at Philips Lighting (official press release by Philips in 2010) and in that role responsible for all design in the company, including product design, graphic design, communication design, user interface & user experience, design innovation and strategic design. Philips is an innovation company that has declared design as a major driver of value for its customers and stakeholders. It’s a large company, too: 2013 turnover was € 23 billion and EBITA around 10% . Philips has had a design department for over 80 years and if you’re interested you can read a lot more on its special design website.

Many ask Rogier why he moved from being an independent design and Director at Arup to being part of such a large corporation. The answer is that it’s Rogier’s passion to make people their lives better and more interesting through design, and that 2010 he felt that the huge transformation of the lighting industry from analogue to digital meant that moving to a large manufacturer meant that he could lead the change and have influence at a global level.

Since then, design at Philips Lighting has transformed quite a bit. The design teams have won over 40 international design awards and attract the best designers in the world now, in various disciplines ranging from product design to lighting design and software development. It is Rogier’s aim to make the groups multidisciplinary, and well suited to serve the Philips businesses and make their propositions relevant by design that adds attraction, usability, beauty and comfort. The teams are also available to work for others, and particularly well positioned to fuel co-creation processes between other innovators in culture, technology, commerce and the public realm and Philips. Feel free to contact Rogier if you are interested in collaborating.

Now, in the summer of 2014, it’s time for a change again. The direction that Philips Lighting takes is different from what Rogier believes would be truly passionate about light. Later in the year, Rogier will announce his new mission: where, for which company, with whom… Until then, there a plenty of things to do! Keep an eye on the social media and this website!

Finally, Rogier is a designer and will always remain being one. He is actively involved in many design projects… Because that’s what he likes the most!