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Rogier van der Heide

"Great lighting design gives your building and your brand an emotional dimension. I combine technology with art & craft, and make your brand stand out. Let the light tell your story".

Lighting design

In theatre or architecture, light inspires, attracts, and tells a story. Your story.

Rogier van der Heide is one of the world's best-known lighting designers. For over 30 years, Rogier has delighted clients with imaginative lighting design that is simple and yet artistic and effective.

Rogier also has great interest in technology, and throughout his career he has collaborated with scientists, technologists, industrial designers and inventors to bring his ideas to life.

What other people say

"A lighting genius"


Metropolis Magazine called Rogier "a genius master of light".

Arc Magazine wrote "lighting design guru Rogier van der Heide".

"The light is from heaven"

Upon opening of the Rijksmuseum, Dutch quality newspaper NRC wrote "the light is from heaven".

"Finally something intellectual at LightFair"

"Filled with authority"

Spanish paper Valencia Plaza: "The antagonistic question of light and darkness is usually answered with bombastic, empty phrases. However, that of Rogier van der Heide is filled with authority."

Light is information, communication, and emotion.
Light is essential for life.
Light makes our future possible

Rogier van der Heide has always worked with light. 1994, he founded the agency. A world’s first: serving clients with an holistic approach to light, imagery and architecture. 

When the practice got acquired by Arup, Arup Lighting grew to over 70 lighting designers under Rogier’s artistic and business leadership.

2010, Rogier joined Philips Lighting, to lead all the design activities of the corporation as Chief Design Officer and Vice President. 

As a lighting designer, Rogier continues to empower clients with imaginative light. And Rogier stays connected with the new generation of designers through lectures, workshops and talks, but also as founder of the world’s largest festival of Light Art, in Amsterdam.

Lighting design

Sustainability, branding, productivity or art: whatever your goal is with light, Rogier will help you to achieve it.

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Talks & Workshops

Students and professionals love Rogier's infectuous enthusiasm and passion for light, and his optimism about the possibilities to improve your company and the world with design. Highly recommended!

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design strategy

The website of Curiosity Group, the parent company of Rogier's design practice, tells more about business consulting.

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