Designing for Love

Public transport…. You may love it or hate it. You may consider it a responsible choice or perhaps something “not for my type of people”. Well, however you feel about it, public transport keeps our cities going and it helps billions of us to get to work, to see our friends and families and to get our errands done every day.

A delightful experience

But how do you get all the others out of their cars and into the metro? While many cities debate the pricing of public transport or the frequency of trains as a main factor, the City of Copenhagen believes that the quality of the experience in transit is a key motivator of the public to travel by metro. And that is where Design kicks in: the creation of a pleasant, effective, delightful experience. It is the true purpose of design. Whether we create a pair of earphones, an MRI scanner or a metro station: design establishes an emotional bond with the user by offering a great experience.

I’m lovin’it

We – we designers I mean – love this kind of things. Because contributing at the emotional level means steering away from me-too, from tech features, from specifications, and from efficiency. It means having a discussion about value instead of cost. Design is all about getting to the essence of what it is to be a human: our emotions. Design, as a custodian of brands, truly differentiates. It establishes an emotional connection. Could you love a metro station? Well if you’d love any, it would be one of the Cityringen stations in Copenhagen. Or all 17 of them. Now that is how you get people into public transport: make them love it!

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